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Borj Sefid is located in Pastaran Street, in a prestigious yet historic area of Tehran, Iran. It was founded in 1994 by Mr. Abdolhossein Farhadkhani who's vision was to build the first high rise building in Tehran after the revolution. Mr. Farhadkhani's vision was made possible with the expertise of engineers, Dr. Joharzadeh, Mr. Saeed Sheibani, Mr. Firouz Sheibani, Mr. Tabatabaie, Mr. Hojati, and Mr. Saberi. Together, this group of engineers built a high rise that consists of 22 stories, each serving a purpose.

In the busy streets of Tehran, five floors are dedicated to parking space for the convenience of the building guests. At the base of this multi-purpose building, resides two floors that are elegantly crafted as shopping centres. On top of the shopping centre are nine floors which constitute the business centre, consisting of 72 offices. As a new addition to this multi-purpose high rise and for the convenience of the people who frequent this building, two stories serve as a hotel.

Also for the comfort and convenience of the business men who frequent the premises, the World Trade Hall floor serves as the convention centre.
Another 700 cubic meter floor is left as a free hall to serve any purpose that is required, whether to host a 500 person engagement party or to host an annual company meeting. The two remaining floors at the top of Borj Sefid are the contemporary French designed restaurant and coffee shop. The restaurant, which sits 22 stories above ground level is the first revolving restaurant in Iran. While enjoying fine dining, you have the luxury of viewing Tehran from 360 degrees.

Borj Sefid's intricate design and purpose allocation serves all your needs with just one visit. Whether your desire is to handle your business matters, shop in some of the finest stores, dine in an elegant restaurant or simply enjoy a magnificent view from the roof top balcony, your needs and satisfactions are guaranteed when visiting Borj Sefid. At the end of this day long trip, which is the time it might take for you to take in all that Borj has to offer, you can stay in the comfortable suites located in the hotel section of Borj Sefid.

Hotel Borj Sefid
Revolving Restaurant
Crytal Cafe & Restaurant
World Trade Hall

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